• in the promise of America and the goodness of the American people.

  • that the roots of our country are found in strong  families, personal faith, solid communities, love of country and in the Constitution of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights Amendments.

  • that America is still the "shinning city on a hill," and represents the dreams and aspirations of current and future generations of American citizens.

  • that our government is best when it is closest to the people it serves.

  • that government should be efficient, provide full accountability, and be transparent for the practices and policies that its leaders propose and implement.

  • in the spirit of free enterprise, in which capitalism is the best means to keep our economy strong; where individual intuition and initiative is honored.

  • that government should function with limited taxation, financial efficiency, and innovations to allow tax payers to get the most for their hard-earned tax dollars.

  • that government's first and foremost responsibility is providing safety and security to our citizens.

  • that in the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln, all persons are created equal, and oppose discrimination in any form, against any person, for any reason.

  • in an inclusive political party, a party with a "big tent" approach where members hold a variety of beliefs that they are encouraged to share.